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Global Dimension

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Since 1922, our school has been dedicated to upholding the values of the Daughters of the Cross. We believe in nurturing well-rounded citizens who respect and appreciate diverse cultures, contributing meaningfully to society. We are committed to offering our pupils the very best educational experiences, including local, regional and global trips. International trips are a cornerstone of this mission, offering students the opportunity to explore the world, fostering global perspectives.


As we look back on our rich history and forward to future adventures, St. Joseph’s Grammar School, Scoil Iósaef, remains steadfast in providing educational opportunities that extend beyond borders, preparing students for a world of possibilities allowing them to forge new friendships, improve teamwork and enhance their communication and social skills.


We have a range of well-established international links which offer our pupils an international perspective. Student testimonials of recent trips to USA, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland have highlighted the profound impact of these experiences on our students. We eagerly anticipate our upcoming ski trip to Pinzolo, Italy in January. These ventures are an integral part of our commitment to provide a holistic education for our students while making happy lifelong memories.

‘Ever To Excel’ programme, Boston USA


Conor Nugent and Niamh McCormick took the opportunity to participate in the Ever to Excel programme in Boston College, USA. This is a faith-based programme guided by the teachings of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and aims to help participants to learn more about their place in the world and how to create a more meaningful life through the lens of Ignatian spirituality. It was a real privilege for Niamh and Conor to be the first recipients of our Helen Mc Rory scholarship foundation which facilitated this experience, living out the legacy of our devoted former principal.

“I will be forever grateful being awarded the first Helen Mc Rory Scholarship which gave me the opportunity to travel to Boston college this summer to attend the ‘Ever To Excel’ programme. This programme focused on faith and personal growth and has provided me with transferrable skills that I will certainly implement in my life. Each day a new keynote speaker fuelled my inner determination and motivation to become the best version of myself. My time at Boston College was filled with new experiences and meeting new people. I met a fellow student, Ciara, from New York; we share the same future aspirations to study medicine. We remain in regular contact and I hope one day in the future our paths will cross again.”

Niamh McCormick

Year 14

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“The global networking opportunity that this trip afforded me was something special. To have made friends that I am still in regular contact with from Japan, Mexico, Dublin and lots of different states in America, is just fantastic.”

Conor Nugent

Year 14

Our year 14 Lake Garda Trip

On the 19th October 2023, a dedicated team of staff and seventy-two year 14 students embarked on our most recent international school trip. The five-day trip to Italy blended culture, history, and adventure into an unforgettable experience for both our students and staff. Against the stunning backdrop of Lake Garda, we learned the art of sailing on its crystal clear waters.


We navigated the enchanting canals of Venice by gondola and were enthralled by the ancient echoes of the Amphitheatre of Verona which brought history to life. A cable car journey to Monte Baldo afforded breathtaking panoramic views, offering a serene contrast to the captivating charm of Sirmione. The heart-pounding rides on the Oblivion and Raptor rollercoasters at Gardaland were not for the faint hearted and few could keep up with Mr O’Neill! This recent adventure was not just a trip but a special experience for our year 14 students whose experiences of school trips up until this point had been impacted by the pandemic. As always, our students were an absolute pleasure!

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Our trip to Berlin and Krakow

In Berlin, our students had the opportunity to delve into history at the DDR Museum, gaining insights into the intriguing aspects of life in East Germany during the Cold War.


In Krakow, our visit to Auschwitz provided a poignant lesson in history, followed by a visit of the Salt Mines, we also managed to make time for some shopping, ice skating and axe throwing activities.

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