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Global Build Cambodia

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Since 2016, St Joseph’s has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Cambodia.  Our students have the opportunity to travel to Cambodia to help support some of the 2.5 million people who live below the poverty line as Cambodia emerges from decades of conflict and inequality.  This experience offers a holistic education to our students as they become immersed in the challenges face by others around the globe.  It is not only the students who travel to Cambodia that benefit from this experience but also the entire school community who work collaboratively to fundraise to support the project.  Students are taught the Cambodian Genocide as part of our Key Stage 3 curriculum to further promote a global outlook and appreciation.


Our most recent Habitat for Humanity team successfully raised £40,000 to support humanitarian work in Cambodia.  While in Cambodia our students work as part of a team to help develop sustainable communities with good quality housing, water, sanitation and electricity access. Our global partnership supports the development of training programmes to promote gender equality, income generation, and appropriate responses to HIV/AIDS.  By working with Habitat Cambodia, our students develop a global vision to help them develop the skills necessary to be global citizens.

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