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Helen McRory Scholarship

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Helen McRory Scholarship: Promoting Leadership in faith

What is a Helen McRory Scholarship?

The Helen McRory Scholarship, which is funded by the Cairde Brogán Foundation, provides financial support to allow Year 13 students in St Joseph’s Grammar School/Scoil Iósaef to promote leadership in faith.


Who was Helen McRory?

This scholarship honours the legacy of Mrs Helen McRory or, Bean Mhic Ruairí, as she was known to many. Helen begun her journey in St. Joseph’s as a pupil before joining the teaching staff and, ultimately, leading the school as Principal during some of the school’s most challenging times. Helen was a special lady whose kindness and encouragement has left an indelible imprint on so many hearts. Helen was first and foremost a wife and mother, as well as a friend, teacher and leader. Helen lived a life of faith, a faith expressed practically through the interactions she had with all whom she met.


Helen was passionate about children and was committed to giving them the opportunities, freedom and experiences through which real life-long learning could take place. Many past pupils will remember the various trips organised by Helen which ensured that youngsters who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience the theatre were given the chance to do just that under her care. It is fitting, therefore, that this new scholarship, sponsored through the Cairde Brogán Foundation, will offer pupils of St Joseph’s Grammar School the opportunity to develop leadership skills related to faith.

What is the rationale behind the Scholarship?

Helen McRory lived an active faith, a faith that everyone who encountered her could feel. Helen’s leadership was so effective because it was grounded in a strong, lived faith that earnestly sought to make a measurable difference in the world. The aim of this scholarship is to offer practical opportunities for our students to learn strong leadership skills that will allow them, like Helen, to lead change in their communities. In St Joseph’s we are committed to ensuring that our students know that our successes today are built on the sacrifices of those who came before us. The legacy of Helen McRory is deeply embedded within the very fabric of St Joseph’s Grammar School, and through this scholarship, Helen’s values will continue to inspire and encourage students for generations to come.


What can this scholarship been used for?

The funding associated with this scholarship can only be used to fund opportunities that promote leadership in faith. The Caride Brogán Foundation will determine each year the specifics of how this funding will be spent. The first scholarships will offer two Year 13 students the opportunity to take part in the ‘Ever to Excel’ programme in Boston College in July/August 2023. The scholarship will cover housing, meals, and program materials and subsidise part of the cost of flights to Boston, MA. This is the only purpose for which this funding can be used in 2023.


Who is eligible to apply?

The Scholarship is not means tested and is open to Year 13 students in St. Joseph’s Grammar School.


What is the application process?

There are two stages to the application process. The first stage involves the completion of an application form and the second involves a formal, in person interview which will be held in St. Joseph’s Grammar School Donaghmore. In the event the Board receives a large number of applications, shortlisting will apply to ensure the interview process is manageable. It is important to be aware that the Board will be unable to call all applicants to interview.

The Cairde Brogán Board will base their decision solely on the information contained within the application form and will be unable to make assumptions based on the information contained on the form. Attendance and behaviour records will be taken into account when making final decisions.

Stage 1

Application forms will be reviewed and scored by the Cairde Brogán Board. The Board will score the application forms using the following criteria:

The extent to which:

  • the applicant convinces the panel, through examples, that they have made a significant contribution to life at St. Joseph’s Grammar School/Scoil Iósaef and shows how this makes them suited to participate in the ‘Ever to Excel’ programme in Boston College in July/August 2023;

  • the applicant shows that they understand the leadership skills needed to participate in the programme and gives specific examples of how they possess these skills;

  • the candidate is able to demonstrate that they have a strong attendance record.

Stage 2

Shortlisted applicants will be called to interview in St. Joseph’s Grammar School Donaghmore. It is important to note that a condition of being awarded a Scholarship will be agreeing to part fund the flights to Boston, MA. The successful candidate must agree to adhere to all rules and policies in place in St Joseph’s when in USA.


When is the deadline for applications?

Deadline for 2023-2024 applicants has now passed.


Guidelines for completing application form.

This application form must not be altered in any way and should be completed in Calibri (minimum size 11).

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