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School Policies

Attendance Policy

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Drugs Policy

EMA Policy

Exam Policy

Exams Contingency Plan

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

IT Policy

Literacy Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Online Etiquette

Pastoral Care Policy

Pastoral Care & Safeguarding/Child Protection Information for Substitute Teachers

Positive Behaviour Policy

Privacy Notice

Report to Parents 2022-2023

RSE Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

School Counselling Service

Scoil Iósaef Polasaí na Gaeilge

SJS Online Etiquette

Student Acceptable Use Policy

Student Social Media Policy

Uniform and Personal Appearance Policy

Use of Images Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Driving to School Policy

Service Level Agreement

SJS Anti-Bullying Policy

Visitors Policy

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