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Year 8 Perspective

Year 8 Perspective - Grammar Stream

My name is Eoin Bonner. I am 12 years old and I am absolutely loving life in St. Joseph's Grammar School. 


I came here from St Mary's Primary School in Pomeroy, where I live with my parents and younger brother, Conall. Both my mother and grandmother were pupils here and I'm very proud to follow in their footsteps. 


During the summer holidays I couldn't wait to start my new educational journey.  

Although I was a little nervous about moving to the 'big school', I knew from the very first morning that I had made the right choice. 

Eoin Year 8.HEIC

What is it that's so special about St Joseph's? It's simple - the people. 

From the staff to the pupils, it is a community in the true sense of the word and I am making friends everywhere I go. 


Our new teachers all go the extra mile to help the Year 8s settle in, whether it's helping us find our bearings in the corridors or supporting us in work if we are stuck. 

One the most exciting things about secondary school is the opportunity to study new  subjects. There are so many of them! 


And while work is important, there are also clubs at lunch time and after school to 

follow almost any interest you can think of - from Marvel to mindfulness, and from fiddle to football. 


What I love most of all about St Joseph's is the friendships I have made. I love the 

bonding of all the Year 8 classes, whether it's outside playing sports or inside chatting about the day we've had. 


It has been fantastic to get to know boys and girls from other primary schools and 

parishes and make what I hope will be lifelong friends. The students come to St Joseph’s from right across mid-Ulster and I have met people I never would have had the opportunity to if I had gone to a difference school. 


If you choose to come to St Joseph’s you will join a very close community and I am confident you will not regret it!


Good luck


Year 8 Irish Medium Stream Perspective


Is mise Annie Nic an tSionnaigh - Nic Giolla Eoghain d’fhreastail mé ar Bhunscoil Naomh Cholmcille ar an Charraig Mhór  agus is dalta Bhliain a hOcht mé anseo i Scoil Iósaef.  Leis an fhírinne a rá, bhí imní an domhain orm le tosú ach i ndiaidh cúpla seachtain, mhothaigh sé amhail is go raibh mé ann ar feadh na mblianta! Bhuail mé le cuid mhór daoine agus tá a lán cairde nua agam. Tá na múinteoirí an-chineálta agus tuisceanach dúinn fosta. 


Tá moll mór clubanna sultmhara ar fáil agus is rud iontach é go bhfuil cuid ar fáil trí mheán na Gaeilge do dhaltaí an tSrutha fosta. Glacaim páirt sa chlub cócaireachta achan Máirt i ndiaidh na scoile, téim chuig líonpheil agus ghlac mé páirt sa chomórtas Scléip ar na mallaibh.

Annie Year 8.HEIC

Cheol muid ‘Mar a Bhí’ le Harry Styles agus rinne muid damhsa leis fosta. Bhí cuid mhór cleachtaí i gceist leis ach bhí craic ar dóigh againn. Is breá liom ag dul ar scoil, bím sona sásta ag dul achan maidin. Bím ag foghlaim rudaí nua gach lá, tá sé an-mhaith le bheith in ann ábhair a dhéanamh nach raibh déanta agam ar an bhunscoil. Tá suim ollhmór agam san eolaíocht, bhí deis agam cúpla turgnamh a dhéanamh, bíonn siad an-suimiúil agus sultmhar. 


My name is Annie Fox McGlone and I am a Year 8 student here at St.Joseph’s Grammar School. I came her from Bunscoil Naomh Cholmcille in Carrickmore. I was so nervous about moving schools but when I settled in, it felt like I was there for years! I met lots of new friends. The teachers are very kind and understanding. There are so many enjoyable and un clubs to join and there are some clubs as well through the medium of Irish. I take park in the cookery club and I also competed in the music competition ‘Scléip’. We performed ‘Mar a bhí’ le Harry Styles. We practised three times during break and lunch - we all really enjoyed it! Joining clubs gave me the opportunity to meet new people and get to know other students in the Sruth na Gaeilge.  


I love attending school. I am always so excited leaving the house in the mornings. It gives me the opportunity to see my friends and learn lots of new and exciting things. I find it enjoyable learning subjects that I never did in primary school! I love all my subjects but I have to say, science is one of my favourites. I love having the opportunity to complete some experiments. Every day there is something new and exciting in school, this is what makes be love being a student here at St.Joseph’s 

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