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Sr Mary Brogan Academic Scholarships

Sr Mary Brogán Academic Scholarship recipients.JPG

In October 2021, The Cairde Brogán Foundation launched ‘The Sr Mary Brogán Academic Scholarships’.


Principal, Mrs G. Donnelly, explained that the scholarships are a “practical expression of the legacy of Sr Mary Brogán who revelled in the successes of our students long after they left St. Joseph’s / Scoil Iósaef”. The Sr Mary Brogán Academic Scholarship provides financial support to current and past students of St. Joseph’s Grammar School / Scoil Iósaef. In the 2022-2023 academic year, scholarships were offered to past students to support the payment of undergraduate or postgraduate degree tuition fees.


As part of the scholarship programme these past students return to St. Joseph’s / Scoil Iósaef to deliver a range of programmes related to the personal and professional development of the current student body.


The Foundation was also extended to include “The Helen McRory Scholarship” which funded two Year 13 pupils’ travel and accommodation costs to attend a one week faith based camp in Boston College, Massachusetts. This experience has been invaluable for their own personal development and they have been generous in promoting this opportunity with other younger pupils so that they too gain the skills and values the programme brings.

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