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Our Distinctive Ethos

“While we enjoy a very strong tradition of academic excellence we know that young people only achieve their full potential when they feel happy, secure and are invigorated by their school environment.”


As a Catholic Grammar school St. Joseph’s / Scoil Iósaef is committed to providing a high quality and inclusive education for all which is respectful of, and engages with, people of all faiths and none. Everyone is welcome in St. Joseph’s / Scoil Iósaef without distinction of any kind. We are proud of the culture of acceptance that characterises the ethos of St. Joseph’s / Scoil Iósaef and ensures that diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected, and cherished. The delivery of all aspects of education at St. Joseph’s /Scoil Iósaef is centred around our core values of kindness, aspiration, integrity, hope, community, faith and service. At the very heart of our ethos is Jesus’ command to love God and neighbour. This command inspires a caring ethos which is characterised by positive and uplifting relationships.


“Everyone is welcome in St Joseph’s without distinction of any kind, including race, colour, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other status.”


St. Joseph’s Grammar School / Scoil Iósaef is a progressive community inspired and guided by the example of Jesus Christ. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued and cherished for who they are. We dedicate ourselves to inculcating a love of lifelong learning which is underpinned by Catholic values, high expectations and aspiration. We are committed to instilling within our students integrity, compassion and social responsibility, empowering them to act in the service of others.

Every Child Matters

St Joseph’s is a relatively small grammar school and our students, parents and staff recognise that our size is one of our strengths.  If you choose St Joseph’s for your child, you can be assured that they will be known by name, cherished for their individuality and nurtured to be the very best they can be.  The size of St Joseph’s presents unique opportunities for social and emotional growth, relationship building, and high expectations both in and out of the classroom.  Our students tell us that St Joseph’s is a place where strong relationships with peers and teachers is common place and they describe feeling known and appreciated as a whole person, not just a classmate, a student or a number.  Researcher has found that although a variety of factors affect student achievement, the greatest factor was the reduction of anonymity- going to a school where someone knows your name.  We know that the outstanding academic achievement that our students enjoy year after year, consistently above the Northern Ireland Grammar School Average, is down to our teachers knowing our students and being well placed to offer tailored support to meet individual need.

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