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Post Primary Transfer Consortium Press Release

2nd September 2020

P7 pupils to be provided with more time to prepare for the Entrance Assessment

· PPTC has been informed that the Education Authority has been able to move the Transfer Form deadline from early February into March 2021.

· As a result of this information from the EA, and following discussions with GL Assessment, PPTC is now in a position to hold its Entrance Assessment on Saturday 30th January 2021. This new date will provide all pupils with an additional 8 weeks preparation time before they sit their Assessment.

· It is planned that Entrance Assessment results will be posted to parents on Friday 5th March 2021.

· Given that parents need to have received Assessment outcomes before the Transfer Form deadline to help inform school preference choices, PPTC is pleased that it is possible for pupils this year to have much more time in P7 before they sit their Assessment.

· The Supplementary Entrance Assessment will be held on Saturday 6th February 2021.

· Any parent who has already submitted an Entrance Assessment Registration Form for their child does not need to complete a new Form. All existing Registrations remain valid but the January 30th Entrance Assessment date and related dates will apply.

· PPTC had previously announced in May its intention to hold the Entrance Assessment on 5th December 2020. At the time of that decision, that was the latest date possible to ensure that parents would have their Assessment outcomes on 30th January 2021, before the normal “early February” Transfer Form deadline.


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