Student Council

St Joseph’s School Council is the voice of the student body and the link with the Senior Leadership Team.  It comprises of a group of fourteen students, two from each year group, who are elected annually.  They meet regularly to discuss issues brought to them by students and staff including SLT.

The School Council aims to improve the experience of all students in St Joseph’s and plays an important role in running the school. Issues that they have been involved in include uniform with the introduction of new ties for KS5 and later KS4 boys, improvements in canteen facilities including the Bistro and the ‘Grab and Go’ facility and the provision of water coolers in the canteen and the Study Hall. They also consulted their year groups and chose the current school planner as well as bringing about further development of extra-curricular activities.  They are regularly consulted on relevant school policies such as the Positive Behaviour Policy.  This term they are considering how to improve our school environment.

If you have any suggestions to make that would improve school life or concerns let any of the members of the school council know or drop a note into the Suggestion Box which is located outside Mrs McCall’s office.