Curriculum Overview

St. Joseph’s Grammar School Donaghmore has a very unique set up. It is a hybrid of an extremely high achieving Grammar School but with a non-selective IMS stream attached. This is the first of it’s kind in Northern Ireland. The pupils in the IMS are all the way from Year 8 to Year 12.

To accommodate and meet the needs of ALL our pupils we have developed (and are still developing as they enter Year 13 in Sept 2015) a curriculum offering that is broad, balanced and flexible. It is driven by pupil choice. Rather than fix timetable blocks we use the practice of “best fit” accommodating as many of our pupils choices at Year 11 and Year 13 as possible.

As pupils in IMS progress we have successfully adjusted our curriculum offering and tailored it to meet the needs of individual pupils

The end of Year 10 marks the end of Key Stage 3 in the Northern Ireland Curriculum subjects and students should now look forward to a new ‘era’ in their education, which is perhaps even more important than what has taken place so far.

Key Stage 4 is the part of the learning process which will form the basis for the student’s career pathway post-16

As you the students, continue to make decisions about your future courses at St. Joseph’s Grammar School/Scoil Iósaef, we hope that we are able to offer you as much help and guidance as you need. Your Key Stage 4 curriculum will be flexible and will enable success.  However, the guided options process is not about free choice but rather about a consultative process to enable the school to deliver a curriculum which is appropriately suited for every SJS student.

To help you decide which subject you would like to study, do some research on what each qualification requires you to do. The options booklet offers a breakdown of each subject. Please read to help  make an informed decision.