Academic Tracking Dates

Why do we track in St Joseph’s Grammar School?

Close monitoring of students’ progress over time and across the whole range of subjects is a vital part of improving St Joseph’s Grammar School, (SJS), and most importantly the learning on offer to our students.

Assessing and recording such data enables SJS comparison with N Ireland standards, and we can see how well the school is performing. Tracking will help identify underachievement in individual students and groups, help inform teaching strategies and help us target intervention effectively. And in the era of personalised learning and Every School a Good School, detailed information on individual students can help ensure that they realise their potential and that no one is left behind.

What do we track in SJS?

We record a range of data, the results of external and internal exams, national and optional tests, N Ireland curriculum levels or levels of progression, Midyis scores, special needs and talented & gifted information, as well as our teacher assessments, throughout the year. But tracking isn’t just about academic attainment. We also look at attendance and behaviour issues which have a huge impact on student progress.

We try to ensure that data collected should be used to set students targets based on prior attainment. And they include curricular targets expressed in words which give students a clear idea of the next steps they need to take to improve their work.

When do we track in SJS?

SJS starts tracking early in the first term and continues throughout the year.  The first tracking is normally completed by midterm and this allows early identification of strengths and challenges for students.  Teachers use the information they gain to identify children’s next steps in their learning and inform future planning so that they can move children’s learning towards and beyond the learning objective and curricular target.  Students have regular opportunities to discuss their progress. Teachers actively involve students in setting and reviewing their progress towards their targets.


What does SJS do with the tracking data?

  • Teaching programmes, intervention programmes and revision programmes are adjusted in the light of the progress the students are making.

  • Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress so that they can provide additional support and encouragement if necessary.

  •  Student progress data are managed through a school-wide system that all teachers can access.

  • The process operates across the whole school to ensure consistency and is regularly evaluated by senior and middle leaders to ensure that the needs of all students are being met.

Assessment & Reporting Policy Sept 2020

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